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Getting to “Yes” negotiation is an art and skill. This program covers the attitudes and behavioral preferences in negotiation, different negotiation styles and basic principles to consider in negotiation setting.

Most customer service programs fail to achieve its goal of providing consistent outstanding service. This is because the approach used is to provide steps and scripted scenarios to follow and once a new situation encountered, it became an awkward moment and service giver fail to handle it to the satisfaction of the customer. Is not part of the scenarios they were told to follow.

Our approach in this arena that personal development is the key to provide personalized service. Participants in this program are inspired to look inwards, knowing and using the tools they should achieve their goals and render great service.

Topics covered in this program are;

  • Service
  • Personal Development
  • Brain
  • Relationship with others
  • Strokes
  • Stress
  • Non – Verbal Communication
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Assertiveness
  • Attitude to life
  • Perception of Time/Time in relation to service
“No one is perfect, but teams are”

Building highly performing team requires deep understanding of team dynamics and team skills present by each team member. Team role is different than functional role. Through a combination of theory and simulation exercises, this program offers an opportunity to enhance team cohesiveness.

It covers;

  • Learning more about colleagues and oneself.
  • Assessment of “Where we are now” and direction
  • Improving communication within the team
  • Better awareness of team roles & functions
  • Understanding the role, a leader has to play
  • Making decisions through consultation
  • Motivate and evaluate performance
  • Produce standard & quality through monitoring
  • Getting required results through people
  • Develop an action plan for improvement and follow it through

Most initial contacts with organizations are made by phone. The way these calls are handled is the make or break of future relationship between the caller and the company. First impression is lasting impression.

Tips and techniques for professional telephone techniques are covered in this program. Is sad to see that most people treat the phone as a piece of equipment rather than interacting with the person at the other end of the line.

Employee branding uses a different approach to align employees and organization to deliver exceptional product and service to its customers. This alignment comes from better understanding of branding and its link to loyalty. In this inspirational program participants, will;

  • Understand Branding and its link to loyalty
  • Know and apply factors that leads to brand loyalty
  • Know and live up to your brand core values
  • Understand how everything communicates
  • Apply how everything communicate through the cycle of service
  • Knowing and connect emotionally with your customers
  • Create ideas to exceed customer expectations.