Learning & Development Programs

Behavioral Interviewing

Most traditional selection interviews are merely unstructured chitchat and very often ends up with missed opportunity.

Performance Management Process

Managing performance is a cycle that allows superior and subordinate to work together in setting goals.

Time Management

Is it “Time Management” or “Self-Management”. This program address the importance of self-organization.

Optimizing Scheduling

In this program participants, will understand the importance of analyzing and streamline their operation.

Leading Change

Change is the only factor that is constant in today’s world. Successful corporations are proactive not reactive.

Training Trainers

mparting the “Know-How”, ensure the accumulation of knowledge and skills in the company.

Stress management

This program address in details all the physical and emotional effects of stress and how to deal with it.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

The objectives of this program are to know and understand the importance of quality management.

Leadership & Motivation

“A business short of capital can borrow money, but a business short of leadership has little chance of survival”

Counseling Skills & Techniques

Counseling associates is an important part of every manager/supervisor job. It helps people and organization to preform to the required standards.

Conversation at work

Understanding the basics of communication process is important but also moving beyond the basics, is what makes communication powerful.

Employee Branding

Employee branding uses a different approach to align employees and organization to deliver exceptional product and service to its customers.

Professional Telephone Techniques

The way these calls are handled
is the make or break of future
relationship between the caller
and the company.

Team building/Team Dynamics

Building highly performing team requires deep understanding of team dynamics and team skills present by each team member.

Customers Comes First 
(Service Course)

Most customer service programs fail to achieve its goal of providing consistent outstanding service.

Negotiation Skills

Getting to “Yes” negotiation is an art and skill. This program covers the attitudes and behavioral preferences in negotiation.